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Great Images for your image

Having excellent photography of your business or organisation is key to—you guessed it—your image!

These days, photos that stand out and communicate well are those that tell a story in a lively way and make the grade in looking great. That takes talent, experience and a broad range of skills, including post processing.

Leave it to me.

— Available for projects by the hour or day —

Place & Process

Put your workplace and process in good light with exterior and interior images to use in collateral and marketing.

People & Product

Get good-looking footage to tell the story of who you are, what you do or what you produce.





Professional PhotographY for business, organisations and industry


At the end of the day, you want professional images that look great, tell the story, and are designed to work well with end purpose—marketing and promotional material and media—where there is focus on the main thing without distracting backgrounds and too much contrast, room for copy overlay, the right things in focus, good colour, contemporary, professional feel, print quality, etc. 

Timely efficient delivery and service is also important: you’ll get your images pronto, using a choice of contemporary-tech online options.


Bespoke Approach


I take a bespoke approach to my photography services—it’s my passion to get you great results, so I give custom post-processing attention to the images I supply, meaning that they all look their best and you don’t get a one-size-fits-all result with unexpected additional charges for any adjustments—it’s included in the job. If you want further special attention to anything beyond that, I charge you on a time spent basis. 

The proof is in the product

Manufacturing Process Story

Examples of images for industrial process in manufacturing wool based products

Manufacturing Product Story

Examples of images of products in manufacturing

Manufacturing Process Story

Examples of mood (background graphics) and story images for industrial engineering

People Stories

Examples of images for organisational staff and business services staff in action

Ministerial PR Events

Local body authority & business events


delicious light, colour, texture, detail, composition. 


Interior and exterior spaces

Industrial Fire Damage

I shot a library of informative and ‘poetic’ images for social media and posterity

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