Portraits Full of Life.


What’s more special than great-looking photos of family or friends?

I take a more candid, authentic-looking approach to portraits & people photoshoots to emphasise the real-life of subjects, for lively, artful images to make your heart sing!

Photoshoots for Family & Groups // portraits // lifestyle Portraits // Couples

family portrait

Noah & Kate:

“We’ve known Marc for over a decade and frequently turned to him for capturing our precious memories. His talent, creative eye and professionalism will produce a gorgeous outcome while his humour and relaxed nature will keep you and your whanau at ease throughout the process. In our experience, he goes above and beyond as he truly enjoys his craft.”

couple portrait photo

Seb & Soph said:

“We’re both photo-self-conscious and kinda freaked by cameras, but you make us feel so at ease! We’ve never had photos of ourselves before that we really liked or that show who we are so well—they are sooo special!”

musician photoshoot portrait

The Shepherd:

“Marc’s an incredible photographer who has a keen eye for getting the perfect shot. Throughout our photoshoot he was full of energy and lots of fun to work with. Look forward to next time!”




Lifestyle // Documentary Photoshoots


Lifestyle photoshoots are great—they capture real life in a more natural way and it’s a relaxed, candid kind of process.

They can be quick for a few great shots, or we can hang out longer—do things, go places—for a variety of great shots.

Here’s some examples from different lifestyle photoshoots.

Seb & Soph // Quick lifestyle photoshoot

Autumn family lifestyle photoshoot

Family Photoshoots


Have a family photoshoot to suit. Whether you find a familiar venue, I give you options of likely places, or I just loiter in the background for more informal lifestyle images, we can capture all your smiling dials in a setting and way to make it special and a treasure for the years to come.

The results can also make a great gift for relatives—as cards or framed.


family portrait and candid

Family photoshoot // Vickers

Quick family photoshoot // I&A & L&C

family photoshoot // D&M & O&C


PORTRAIT Photoshoots


Classic portraits, or with creative elements for something different. Capturing the right light, setting, mood, composition and more all have a huge bearing on portraits—for that quality difference. I’ll help you to be feeling relaxed and natural about it all.

Musician portrait/photoshoot

Bryony Matthews | singer songwriter

Musician portrait/photoshoot

The Shepherd

Artist portrait

BAND/GROUP Photoshoots


Shoot to stardom with edgy images that’ll  make your song sox rock.

Like to know more—or to shoot ahead? ...leave me some lines

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